Arena Theater 

Subscription Packages

Subscribe to all 4 productions at once and receive up to a 20% discount!
Subscription Packages begin at only $50!*

An Arena Theater 2023-2024 Subscription consists of 1 performance for each production: 

  • Guys and Dolls, November 2-11, 2023
  • Proof, November 29-December 2, 2023
  • The Imaginary Invalid, February 15-24, 2024 
  • The PsalmsApril 17-20, 2024


To purchase your subscription: 

    1. Select [Guys and Dolls]
    2. Use the dropdown list to select your preferred performance date.  
    3. Once in the “Cart”, you will see the other 3 productions under “You may also be interested in the following”.  Select [Proof] and use the dropdown list to select your preferred performance date.
    4. Once in the “Cart”, you will repeat #3 with [The Imaginary Invalid] and [The Psalms] as your selected productions.
  • After a ticket from each production has been added to your “Cart” your Subscription discount will apply.  


*Based on Standard and Preview Ticket pricing (fees included).

Preview nights are included in the subscription and the price will adjust accordingly.

If a discount does not apply properly, please call the Box Office at 630-752-5010.